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The Ultimate Guide to Skåne's Best Wineries

Sweden has rapidly become a wine country to be reckoned with, and it's primarily in Skåne where it's happening. So why not swap your vacation in Southern Europe for a winery tour in what the locals call Sweden's own Provence? Taste exciting wines, support a growing Swedish wine industry, and meet small-scale, passionate winemakers. Here are our top tips for Skåne wineries well worth a visit.

The Wineries in Vinoteket's Skåne Guide

Arilds Vingård | Flädie Mat & Vingård | Ivögården Mat & Vingård | Hällåkra Vingård | Kullabergs Vingård | Skepparps Vingård | Köpingsbergs vingård | Vejby Vingård | Vingården i Klagshamn | Lottenlund Estate AB | Ljungbyholms Vingård | Åhus Vingård | Flyinge Vingård | Vittsjö Vingård | Domän Sånana | Österlenvin HB | Thora Vingård

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Map With Suggested Two-Day Tour

Viniculture in Skåne

Swedish wine history began in the late 1990s with a few pioneers. Over the past decade, interest in viniculture has exploded and the quality of the wines continues to rise. Today, there are around 200 producers in the country, of which about 50 are commercial.

Most of Sweden's wine producers are located in Skåne, where the hardiness zone is more favorable for grape cultivation and the hours of sunshine are more plentiful than in many other parts of the country. The soil composition is highly varied, with different mixtures of sand, clay and limestone. Most of the wineries are close to the coast, with short distances between them. Perfect for a road trip through the beautiful landscapes!

When is the Best Time to Visit Skåne's Wineries?

During the summer months of June, July and August, many of the wineries experience their peak tourism season. However, some producers also welcome visitors during the harvest season in September/October. At some locations, food and lodging are offered, while others provide only winery tours and/or wine tastings. Check the list and plan your route!

Explanation of Icons

The 17 Most Popular Wineries in Skåne

#1 - Arilds Vingård – Sweden's Largest Vineyard

Arilds vingård

Offers wine tastings, winery tours, hotel accommodations, glamping and a restaurant.

Address: Lilla vägen 71, 263 73 Arild


Bookings: +4642346420 or

Located on the southern slopes of Kullaberg, Arilds Vingård is set in a beautiful 18th-century half-timbered house. It all began when Annette Ivarsson discovered a grapevine on the family estate in the late 1990s. That was the moment the idea of starting their own winery began to take root. A decade later, in 2008, Annette and her husband Jonas planted their first vines. Annette educated herself in wine science and became a sommelier, while Jonas built the winery and wine cellar. Today, they are the proud owners of Sweden's largest vineyard, with 23 hectares of cultivation and around 125,000 vines.

The cultivation is carried out with an environmental focus. The vineyards grow varieties such as solaris, muscaris, souvignier gris, cabernet cortis and a mutation of pinot noir called pinot noir precocé. They produce white, red and sparkling wines, as well as two types of mulled wine.

Arilds Vingård also operates a hotel, glamping and a restaurant where the food is prepared with local ingredients from the gastronomic Kullahalvön peninsula. In the restaurant, you can also sample the estate's wines by the glass.

#2 - Flädie Mat & Vingård – Rustic Charm in a Modern Setting

Offers winery tours, wine tastings, a restaurant and lodging. Wine tastings and guided tours are available during the summer from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Adress: Flädie Mejeriväg 19, 237 91 Bjärred


Bookings: +4646320338 or eller via the website.

Flädie Mat & Vingård, just north of Malmö, was founded in 2003 by restaurateur Nils-Bertil Hansson. The old farm was restored, focusing on hosting events, weddings, and catering, and later added hotel services. In 2007, when Nils-Bertil's son Martin took over the business, the first vines were planted. The first harvest was in 2010, and a few years later, the state-of-the-art winery was completed.

Today, they have 2.5 hectares and around 9,000 vines with five grape varieties: the green grapes solaris and phoenix, and the blue grapes rondo, cabernet cortis and regent. Flädie produces white, red, rosé, sparkling and dessert wines: “wines crafted with great care and much love from grapes grown outside the window and pressed and aged in the estate’s own winery,” in their own words. The grapes are hand-harvested at the end of September, and the cultivation follows organic methods.

At Flädie Mat & Vingård, which has been owned and operated by Håkan & Carina Wikholm since 2020, you can enjoy food prepared with locally sourced ingredients paired with the estate’s own wines. End your visit with a good night's sleep in one of the 28 tastefully decorated hotel rooms, with views over the vineyards.

#3 Ivögården Mat & Vingård – Familial Atmosphere on a Scenic Island

Ivögården Mat & Vingård

Offers winery visits, wine tastings, lodging and a restaurant. Winery tours with wine tastings are available Wednesday to Saturday between 4 PM and 6 PM.

Address: Kungagårdsvägen 19, 291 68 Fjälkinge


Bookings: +46734205240, or via the website.

“A dream come true,” is how Ivögården Mat & Vingård describe their venture. Ivögården is beautifully situated on the fairy-tale island in Ivösjön, and you get there by taking the car ferry from Barum. The realisation of the dream began in 2012 when restaurateur Petter Jeppson, along with two friends, started Ivögården. Since 2017, Petter has run the estate with his wife Therese.

They now have around 900 vines of the grape varieties rondo, regent and solaris in the vineyard near Ivö Church. They produce nine wines: white, rosé, red and sparkling wine. Since 2019, Ivögården’s wines have been served in their own restaurant. They also produce two types of spirits: Ivögårdens Druvstjälk and Ivögårdens Gin.

A complete experience of food and wine in combination, a guided tour of the winery, and lodging in the estate's hotel, with personal service and a family atmosphere – this is the vision Ivögården strives for every day. If food and wine are not your primary interests, there are many other activities on the scenic fairy-tale island, such as swimming, fishing, boat and canoe rentals, cycling excursions, hiking and historical attractions.

#4 Hällåkra Vingård – For Those Curious About Natural Wine

Offers wine tastings, winery visits and a restaurant/wine bar. Open parts of the week in July–August, closing for the summer season on August 25.

Address: Hällåkravägen 47, 231 72 Anderslöv


Bookings: +4641028000 eller

Hällåkra Vingård is located in the rolling landscape of southern Skåne. The winery is run by the Hansson family, pioneers in Swedish viniculture. They planted their first vines in 2003, and today the vineyards cover 7 hectares with around 24,000 vines.

At Hällåkra, they produce white, sparkling (pét-nat), red, orange, and sweet wine made according to the port wine method. The grape varieties used are solaris, rondo, regent, leon millot, and pinot noir. The winery's philosophy is minimal intervention, and they call many of their wines natural wines. This means that the wines are spontaneously fermented with naturally occurring yeast strains and no sulfites have been added.

“Our natural wines aim to provide a sensory aroma and taste experience where our local terroir subtly expresses its presence in the character of the wines. Without any additives in our wines, we want to show that nature, with careful attention, can deliver both its uniqueness and elegance,” says Håkan Hansson.

At Hällåkra Vingård, you can visit the winery, taste the wines, and enjoy a meal in the wine bar. The family also grows apples on their estate, which their friend John Taylor, TV host and gardener, uses to make cider.

#5 Kullabergs Vingård – Award-Winning Swedish Winery

Kullabergs vingård Askesäng

Guided tours and wine tastings at 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM Monday to Friday from June 24 to August 17, and Thursday to Saturday from August 22 to 31. Wine bar open during the summer. 

Address: Lyckerisvägen 52, 263 76 Nyhamnsläge


Bookings: +46424442100, eller via webben. 

Located on the beautiful Kullahalvön peninsula in northwestern Skåne, Kullabergs Vingård benefits from its proximity to the sea and long bright evenings, resulting in high-quality grapes. The estate was founded in 2006 and has been run by Paulina Berglund, an architect, and Björn Odlander, a leading figure in biotech and medical technology, since 2013.

Kullaberg currently cultivates over 30 grape varieties on 14 hectares. Among the green grapes are solaris, souvignier gris, donauriesling and muscaris; among the blue are pinot nova, cabernet noir, rondo and regent.

The internationally experienced winemaker K Felix G Åhrberg oversees the production of white, sparkling, orange, rosé, red, semi-sweet and sweet wines. In addition to wine, the estate also makes apple cider and spirits from pomace and other fruits and berries. Sustainable farming methods and a focus on biodiversity are key principles at Kullabergs Vingård.

The wines have been well-received, and Kullaberg is the first Swedish winery to earn a star in the prestigious AWC International Wine Challenge. They have also been awarded a diploma from Kungliga Gastronomiska Akademin (Swedish Royal Gastronomic Academy) for their commitment to Swedish wine.

This ambitious winery aims to put Swedish wine on the world map – currently, their wines are exported to countries including Japan and Hong Kong. The full-bodied and complex white wine Immelen is one of their acclaimed varieties. As they say themselves:

“His Majesty has tasted Immelen on several occasions. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.

#6 Skepparps Vingård

Skepparps vingård

Offers wine tastings, winery tours and meals with catering.  

Address: Verkaåvägen 56, 277 37 Kivik


Bookings:  +46709440226 or via the website.

Skepparps Vingård, located just north of Kivik in Österlen, is run by Bengt Åkesson and Eva Bergqvist. At Skepparps Vingård, they cultivate grapes and apples to produce beverages. The first 7,000 vines were planted in 2011. Today, they have around 22,000 vines, mainly of the solaris grape. Skepparps Vingård produces white, sparkling, red wine and a bottle-fermented cider.

#7 Köpingsbergs vingård

Köpingsbergs vingård

Winery tours and wine tastings in July and August from 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM three days a week.

Address: Köpingsbergsvägen 183, 271 73 Köpingebro


Bookings: +46701467117 eller

Köpingsbergs Vingård is located in Österlen with a beautiful view of the sea and Hammars backar. On three hectares, they grow chardonnay, pinot blanc, solaris and seyval blanc. The winery focuses entirely on sparkling wine, made according to the traditional method, with extended aging on the lees. The estate is open for wine tastings during the summer, as well as during the Matrundan Österlen (Österlen Food Tour) event in May.

#8 Vejby Vingård

Offers winery visits and wine tastings, wine bar.  

Address: Västra Ljungbyvägen 319, 266 51 Vejbystrand


Bookings: or via the website.

Vejby Vingård is a rare example of a Swedish winery inspired by Georgian winemaking. In the Marani Wine Cellar, the wines ferment and age in traditional clay vessels, qvevri, buried in the ground. They produce orange, rosé, and red wines from grapes such as solaris, cabernet cortis, cabernet colonjes, cabernet vineta, regent and pinotin. Jeppe Appelin runs the estate, beautifully located on the Bjäre Peninsula, together with his family.

#9 Vingården i Klagshamn

Klagshamns vingård

Open for winery visits from May 15 to August 15. 

Address: Möllevägen 31, 218 51 Klagshamn


Bookings:  +46704807136/+46702165092, or via the website.

Klagshamn is one of the pioneers in the Swedish wine world. As early as the late 1990s, Lena Jörgensen and Murat 'Murre' Sofrakis traveled to Denmark for inspiration to make wine. Today, they produce white, red, rosé, sparkling, orange and dessert wines. The vineyard mainly grows solaris, but also cabernet cortis, rondo and a small amount of pinot noir (frühburgunder). They also assist new wineries in starting cultivation and production.

#10 Lottenlund Estate AB

Lottenlund vingård

Offers wine and spirit tastings.

Address: Lottenlundsvägen 2, 254 76 Allerum


Bookings: +46709741700, or via the website.

At Lottenlund Estate in Allerum, just outside Helsingborg, they produce white wine, rosé wine and vermouth. Spread across two vineyards, one in Allerum and one in Segelstorpsstrand on the Bjäre Peninsula, they have a total of 45,000 vines with seven grape varieties: solaris, muscaris, souvignier gris, donauriesling, cabernet cortis, monarch and pinot nova. From these grapes, they produce white, rosé, red, sparkling wines and vermouth.

The estate also features apple orchards, biodynamic gardens and culinary plantations of berries, vegetables and herbs. Ingredients from Lottenlund Estate are used in spirits produced by Helsing Distillery.

#11 Ljungbyholms Vingård

Ljungbyholms vingård

Offers wine tastings and winery tours year-round.

Address: Ljungbyholmsvägen 231, 269 71 Förslöv


Bookings: +46793044347/0736193008 or via the website.

Annika and Joakim Palm run Ljungbyholms Vingård in the heart of the Bjäre Peninsula in northwest Skåne. They planted their first vines in 2019, and today they have around 5,000 vines on approximately 1.5 hectares. The main grape varieties grown are solaris, phoenix, ortega, riesel, souvignier gris, rondo, cabernet cortis, cabernet noir, bolero and regent. The winery produces white, red, rosé wines and grappa.

#12 Åhus Vingård

Åhus vingård

Offers winery visits and wine tastings.

Address: Yngsjövägen 226, 296 91 Åhus


Bookings: +46733958731/0706547188 or

Åhus Vingård is located in northeastern Skåne near the expansive sandy beach of Hanö Bay. The first vines were planted in 2005, and today the winery is one of the veterans in commercial Swedish wine production with 3,000 vines. They produce white, red, rosé and sparkling wines as well as ice cider from grapes such as solaris, seyval blanc, phoenix, rondo and leon millot. Since 2016, the winery has been run by Jörgen and Karin Persson, Karin Birch and Carlo Tyrberg.

#13 Flyinge Vingård

Flyinge vingård

Open for wine tastings on Thursdays from 5 PM to 8 PM between June 29 and July 31.

Address: Flyinge 802, 247 93 Flyinge


Flyinge Vingård in the Flyinge area of northern Skåne is a family-run winery managed according to organic principles. Since 2018, the estate has been KRAV-certified. The vineyard currently has 1,000 vines of the solaris variety, with the first vines planted in 2009. In 2018, the winery was completed, and today they produce white, orange and sparkling wines.

#14 Vittsjö Vingård

Offers visits and tours of the vineyard.

Address: Malseröd 4068, 280 22 Vittsjö


Bookings: +4645122191 or

Christine and Jan Samuelsson planted their first solaris vines on the estate outside Vittsjö in northern Skåne in 2015. They also have space for an additional 3,000 vines on leased land, and currently, they grow rondo, seyval blanc and chardonnay. They currently produce one white wine: Vittsjö Vitt.

#15 Domän Sånana

Offers vineyard visits and wine tastings.

Address: Hävdavägen 36, 276 36 Borrby


Bookings: +4641430468 or

Percy Månsson planted some hybrid varieties on the estate a couple of kilometers south of Skillinge fishing village as early as 1994. The first wine from the estate was bottled in 1999. Over time, the cultivations have expanded, and they have experimented with various grape varieties. Today, they grow 14 varieties, including pinot noir and ortega, which are used to produce red and white wines. The estate is owned by Percy and Anita Månsson, and approximately 2,000 bottles are produced annually.

#16 Österlenvin HB


Offers winery visits and wine tastings.

Address: Hagestad Mossaväg 36, 276 45 Löderup


Bookings: +46706049837 or

Österlenvin in Löderup was founded in 2002 by Claes Olsson and Thorsten Persson and is now owned by Thorsten and Ylva Persson. Over the years, 2,500 vines have been planted, including varieties such as rondo, solaris, souvignier gris, and cabernet cortis. Today, they produce three wines: a white – Österlenvin’s Vida; a rosé – Österlenvin’s Råsa; and a sparkling wine – Österlenvin’s Bubbel, made using the traditional method.

#17 Thora Vingård

Thora vingård

Offers winery visits and wine tastings. Their new restaurant Flora opens in the summer of 2024.

Address: Dalen 22, 269 95 Båstad


Bookings: or via the website.

Thora Vingård is beautifully situated on the Bjäre Peninsula between Båstad and Torekov. The estate was purchased in 2014 by Johan and Heather Öberg, who met in California. They started by planting 300 pinot noir vines, and over time, the cultivations have expanded with more pinot noir, as well as solaris, chardonnay, pinot meunier, gamay and chenin blanc. Today, they produce three white wines from solaris and one red wine from pinot noir.

Suggested Two-Day Tour of Skåne's Wineries

  • Day 1: Start from Malmö. Visit Flädie Mat & Vingård (about 20 minutes north) in the morning. Enjoy a guided tour of the winery and stay for lunch paired with the estate's own wines. Then, head further north to visit Kullabergs Vingård (about an hour's drive). Here, you can enjoy a drink at the wine bar and book a winery tour with a tasting in the afternoon. From Kullabergs Vingård, it’s just over a 5-minute drive to the neighboring Arilds Vingård, where you can stroll around the beautiful surroundings, enjoy dinner paired with the estate's wines, and then stay overnight.

  • Day 2: Head south to Lottenlund Estate (about a 30-minute drive) for a lovely tour of the winery, lunch, and wine tasting. End the day with an afternoon visit to Vingården i Klagshamn (about an hour's drive), which is 25 minutes south of Malmö.

Suggested One-Day Tour of Skåne's Wineries (Shorter Travel Time)

  • Start with a morning visit to Klagshamn Winery (about 25 minutes' drive from Malmö). Then head north to Flädie Winery (about 25 minutes' drive) for a guided winery tour and lunch. Conclude the day at Hällåkra Winery (about 35 minutes' drive) for a walk through the vineyards, wine tasting, and dinner made with locally sourced ingredients. You are now 35 minutes from Malmö, if that is your final destination.

Common Grape Varieties in Skåne

Sweden's northern latitude means that grape varieties must be chosen with care. The most cultivated grapes are so-called hybrid grapes, or piwis. These are crosses developed in laboratories to be resistant to diseases, especially fungal attacks, and to withstand cold climates. Since hybrid grapes are more resilient than many other grape varieties, the vineyards do not need as much spraying. Some of the most common grape varieties grown in Sweden include:

  • Solaris – the most important grape in Swedish viniculture. Solaris is a green hybrid grape that produces wines with powerful aromas and notes of apple and honey.

  • Rondo – a blue hybrid grape used for red and rosé wines. It ripens early and produces wines with deep color and medium tannins.

  • Regent – a blue hybrid grape that produces aromatic wines with notes of cherry and blackcurrant, pronounced tannins, and a strong red-blue color. It ripens a bit later.

  • Cabernet cortis – a blue hybrid grape that produces deeply colored, tannic wines with herbal, green notes. It ripens relatively early.

  • Souvignier gris – a hybrid grape with a red color but classified as a green grape. It resembles pinot blanc and produces fruity, fresh wines with notes of apple.

  • Muscaris – a green hybrid grape that offers aromas of citrus, nutmeg, and musk. It develops high sugar and acid levels and is well-suited for sparkling wines.

Our cold Swedish climate means that white and sparkling wines are the styles most successfully produced in the country. With blue grapes, it is more challenging to achieve the right ripeness, but more and more Swedish winemakers are now also producing red wines.

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