La Barrique De Bourgogne Blanc 2013
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  • 100% Nöjd kund-garanti
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La Barrique De Bourgogne Blanc 2013 Chardonnay

La Barrique De Bourgogne Blanc 2013

La Barrique De Bourgogne Blanc 2013

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Tillfälligt slut
100% Chardonnay

Doft & Smak

We're thrilled with this rich, elegant classic from the most sought after region of France. It's a complex, creamy white Burgundy made from four top parcels of premium Chardonnay grapes and barrel aged to smooth perfection. Terrific, yet affordable.


Every wine merchant should offer a 'house white Burgundy' and this is ours. We believe it's important for such benchmark wines to be spot on in terms of quality, value and being a classic of its kind. And thanks to our fine wine buyer's great contacts, we reckon we've hit it spot on. She called in on a number of old friends and talked them out of several barrels of wine they'd planned to keep. With a little help she created an amazingly rich and delicious cuvée we've named La Barrique. It comes from four superb growers in top Côte d'Or villages and totals just 4,500 bottles. With aromas of ripe apricot and smoky oak, tarte au citron hints and cream and mineral freshness, La Barrique epitomises great Burgundy. Divine with corn fed chicken.