Vesuvium Falanghina 2013
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  • 100% Nöjd kund-garanti
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Vesuvium Falanghina 2013 Falanghina

Vesuvium Falanghina 2013

Vesuvium Falanghina 2013

Tillfälligt slut

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Tillfälligt slut
100% Falanghina

Doft & Smak

Beneventano's steep vineyards in the foothills of Vesuvius are tough to maintain (all work is done by hand) but the results make it worthwhile. Produced in tiny quantities, this superb, crisp, apricot white rarely makes it out of Italy. So enjoy.


Falanghina is one of Italy'smost exciting and characterful white grapes, at home in Campania'sBeneventano, near Naples. The region may lie in southern Italy, but it has an ideal microclimate for whites thanks to its high altitude and cooling sea breezes. These ensure a long ripening period, essential for elegance and aromatics, while poor volcanic soils keep yields low, giving the wine a lovely mineral intensity. Vesuvium is an outstanding wine from a small property owned by two brothers. They work extremely hard in the inhospitable terrain to produce their characterful, elegant wines. With hints of apricot, pear, almonds and citrus fruits, this is a white to savour with Mediterranean cuisine, especially vegetarian and seafood dishes.