Lost Ostrich 2014
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  • 100% Nöjd kund-garanti
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Lost Ostrich 2014 Sauvignon Blanc

Lost Ostrich 2014

Lost Ostrich 2014

Tillfälligt slut

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Tillfälligt slut
38% chenin blanc, 38% sauvignon blanc, 19% viognier, 5% chardonnay

Doft & Smak

South Africa's 'Winemaker of the Year', Bruce Jack crafted this aromatic beauty from four grape varieties to get a great tasting balance of exotic ripe fruit and tongue tingling zing. Wonderfully refreshing, it's like a burst of Cape sunshine.


It's not every day one of our wine Buyers is asked 'Have you seen my ostrich?' But then Bruce Jack is not an everyday sort of winemaker. He always produces a wine that is beautifully made and utterly irresistible to drink ' with just the right amount of fruity exuberance and elegant restraint. That's what you'll taste in Lost Ostrich, an appetising glassful in which he has combined South Africa's signature grape Chenin Blanc with the stony, mineral, lemon notes of Sauvignon, the exotic rose petal and lychee flavours of Viognier, and peachy Chardonnay. Maybe it's his poetic side coming out ' he does have two degrees in English as well as one in winemaking! Chill down a bottle and enjoy on its own, or with spicy noodles or vegetable kebabs.