Il Papavero (Half Bottle) Nv
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  • 100% Nöjd kund-garanti
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Il Papavero (Half Bottle) Nv Blend

Il Papavero (Half Bottle) Nv

Il Papavero (Half Bottle) Nv

Tillfälligt slut

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Tillfälligt slut
10% nero d'avola, 20% montepulciano, 30% sangiovese, 40% negroamaro

Doft & Smak

If we had to rely on a single wine to capture the essence of Italy, it would be Il Papavero ('The Poppy'). As a journalist once famously quipped, 'If all table wines were this good, no one would leave the table.' Everyone loves it and so will you.


Il Papavero has been a chart topping favourite of customers for years. It is a wine for all seasons ' a silken Italian charmer with incomparable versatility. A great red, it's perfect with nibbles, and partners pasta and pizza effortlessly. The value, too, is second to none. The secret? Papavero maestro Scipione Giuliani (pronounced 'Ship-ee-own-eh Ju-lee-arni'). 'Scipi' is a fifth generation winemaker and quintessential Italian gent. Every vintage, he selects only the ripest, most flavoursome grapes from the top performing regions to ensure Il Papavero is consistently delicious, with supple, red berry vibrancy. Sangiovese from the Marches, Abruzzi Montepulciano, plus Negroamaro and Nero d'Avola from Puglia and Sicily ' a stunning blend.