Amoras Rosado 2012
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Amoras Rosado 2012 Blend

Amoras Rosado 2012

Amoras Rosado 2012

Tillfälligt slut

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Tillfälligt slut
20% Camarate, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Castelão

Doft & Smak

Portugal is a top producer of rosados. 25 years ago they were of the medium sweet Mateus ilk, but today they are terrifically crisp and berry fresh. From one of Portugal¿s finest winemakers, this rosé makes a gloriously zippy, characterful glassful.


Portugal's wines have really come of age, with delicious tasting, fruit rich styles in all three shades. Its reds are probably best known, but the country's many unique grapes, when picked young and with good acidity, make the ideal varieties to go into fresh, berry filled rosados. Amoras is from Casa Santos Lima, a single estate situated north of Lisbon, which has been in the da Silva family for several generations. Winemaker is the world renowned José Neiva, who, for this wine, has combined a rigorous selection of indigenous grapes with a large portion of Cabernet from the estate's well tended vineyards. A refreshing glassful on its own, it's also spot-on with all sorts of seafood ' José particularly recommends salt-and-pepper squid.