Un Vent De Folie Vermentino
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Un Vent De Folie Vermentino Vermentino

Un Vent De Folie Vermentino

Un Vent De Folie Vermentino

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Tillfälligt slut
100% Vermentino

Doft & Smak

This unique white has been lavished with the care and attention normally reserved for £50 fine wines, but comes at an everyday price. A labour of love from Chai au Quai winemaker Mark Hoddy, this rich, complex gem is guaranteed to impress!


Chai winemaker Mark Hoddy first became acquainted with Vermentino while holidaying in Corsica. Impressed by the wines, he decided he must try making one himself. He had an inkling he might find the same top quality Vermentino grapes in the stony, arid hills of the Roussillon, and he was right. This grape can easily cope with the heat and lack of water and still produce wine with a nervy freshness. Mark chose five parcels of grapes, supervised the crushing, then cooled the juice and transported it up to Le Chai to give it the ultimate in TLC. Part vinification in the finest oak barriques has given the crisp, zesty citrus flavours an edge of toasty vanilla. A serious food wine, enjoy with grilled prawns, barbecued swordfish or creamy pork.