Le Citronnier 2013
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  • 100% Nöjd kund-garanti
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Le Citronnier 2013 Annan

Le Citronnier 2013

Le Citronnier 2013

Tillfälligt slut

Pris 104 kr

Tillfälligt slut
40% Sauvignon Blanc, 60% Colombard

Doft & Smak

Made from highly aromatic Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc, Le Citronnier bursts with grassy grapefruit aromas and dances across the palate with the juicy tang of gooseberries, grapefruit and ripe lemons. Can you imagine a wine more evocative of summer?


As Jamie Goode concluded in the Sunday Express, Gascony is ,emerging as a brilliant source of inexpensive, fresh, bright, fruity wines. If you like Nya Zeeland Sauvignon Blanc, this is an alternative with the same sort of flavour profile, but for much less money., Le Citronnier 2013 combines Gascony'stop white grape, Colombard, for its crisp green apple fruit, with Sauvignon Blanc (star of the Loire and Bordeaux), for its ripe, tropical notes and citrusy edge. It'sso lemony fresh we have called it Le Citronnier. Priced for everyday drinking, this evocative white is ideal for summer soirées and lazy afternoons on the lawn. Keep it in the fridge for any sign of sunshine or enjoy with leafy salads, a spicy stir-fry or grilled white fish.